Updated Titanium autocomplete for 1.5.1 using Eclipse and Aptana

Here is the uploaded javascript header file, updated for Appcelerator’s Titanium Mobile version 1.5.1. This can be used with Eclipse+Aptana’s autocomplete, using the method described by James David Low a while back.





5 responses to “Updated Titanium autocomplete for 1.5.1 using Eclipse and Aptana”

  1. chris Avatar

    Any info on getting this to work in Aptana 3 beta? Thanks!

    1.  Avatar

      i’ll try it myself, i’ll let you know

      1. Ingo Avatar

        Just download Titanium Studio. It includes autocomplete files for Titanium Mobile 1.6 and 1.7+

        1. Manuel Gomes Avatar
          Manuel Gomes

          Of course, this article is outdated, Titanium Studio is the way to go now.

    2. Art T Avatar

      Does anyone have instructions for getting this to work with Aptana 3.x?  Thanks.

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