Machine Learning Crash Course With ML.NET

We will go over what machine learning is, what it can be used for and we will create a model using C# & ML.NET

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New 35 Flutter Tips and Tricks

This is 35 Flutter tips and tricks that you must know. This list of tips is great for flutter beginners, advanced and pro developers. This is the new tips and tricks series from Flutter Mapp, in this on we show you 35 flutter ticks and tips that you can start to implement today. You will code apps f

ScaffoldMessenger (Widget of the Week)

Learn more about ScaffoldMessenger →

Ever have difficulties showing SnackBars to users while they navigate? If so, have no fear, ScaffoldMessenger is here!

This video is also subtitled in Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Ar

What’s New in Flutter 2.10

I can’t believe it’s time again for a Flutter stable release! Hello and welcome to Flutter 2.10. It has been less than two months since our last release, but even in that short time we’ve had 1,843 issues closed and 1,525 PRs merged from 155 contributors worldwide.

What’s New in Flutter 2.8

It’s that time of year in the northern hemisphere: the leaves are turning, the temperature is cooling and the final stable release of the year is here. Hello and welcome to Flutter 2.

Linux losetup command

It is possible to specify transfer functions (for encryption/decryption or other purposes) using one of the -E and -e options. There are two mechanisms to specify the desired encryption: by number and by name.

What’s new in Flutter 2.5

Hello and welcome to Flutter 2.5! This is a big release, with the 2nd highest stats in the history of Flutter releases: 4600 issues closed and 3932 PRs merged from 252 contributors with 216 reviewers.

Restarting USB subsystem in CentOS

After a long uptime specific (cheap) devices or components connected to the USB ports lock up or malfunction. Unplugging and plugging them usually fixes issues, but physical access to the system (especially a remote server) is neither always possible or desirable.

.NET 5 REST API Tutorial – Build From Scratch With C#

Learn how to create a REST API end-to-end from scratch using the latest .NET 5 innovations and Visual Studio Code. The API will be written in C#.

💻 Get the code:

✏️ Course developed by Julio Casal. Check out his channel:


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On Font Weight

On Font Weight 1. Example: Lucida Basic font weights.  Lucida Basic font weight names combine traditional weight names with CSS font-weight numbers.

Material Design for Pre-Lollipop Devices

The Android 5.0 SDK was released last Friday, featuring new UI widgets and material design, our visual language focused on good design. To enable you to bring your latest designs to older Android platforms we have expanded our support libraries, including a major...

Quicky check if Data connection is available (Android SDK)

Just use the following method: public boolean isOnline() { boolean status=false; try{ ConnectivityManager cm = (ConnectivityManager) getActivity() .getSystemService(Context.CONNECTIVITY_SERVICE); NetworkInfo netInfo = cm.getActiveNetworkInfo();...

Android Toasts (e.g. small notifications), how to use in Fragments

The syntax is very simple. The example below is invoked from inside a Fragment, so the first parameter (Context) is the activity that holds the fragment: Toast.makeText(getActivity(),R.string.asset_added_fav,Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); The second parameter is the...

FTP file upload using CURL

The command is very very simple: just type curl -T localfile.ext ftp://username:[email protected]/remotedir/ If you want to use a different destination filename just add it at the end: curl -T localfile.ext...

Running Windows 8 inside VirtualBox

Small step-by-step guide on how to install and run Windows 8 Developer Preview under VirtualBox. First of all, download the 32bit edition of Windows 8 developer preview, available at Windows DevCenter, (the direct short link is - 2.8GB ISO image)....

WebOS Emulator error E_ACCESSDENIED (0x80070005), The solution

I am currently evaluating development frameworks and mobile platforms for my company, so we can choose our path in our next multi-platform mobile applications (to develop specific apps for each platform is just too expensive). This took me to WebOS, clearly a small...

Titanium Mobile SDK 1.8 available

Titanium Mobile SDK 1.8.0 is already available in the Appcelerator's continuous integration (CI) area: Just choose the "master" branch and download the latest SDK files for your O.S.!...

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