.NET 5 REST API Tutorial – Build From Scratch With C#

Learn how to create a REST API end-to-end from scratch using the latest .NET 5 innovations and Visual Studio Code. The API will be written in C#.

💻 Get the code: https://youtube.dotnetmicroservices.com/net5restapi-10

✏️ Course developed by Julio Casal. Check out his channel: https://www.you


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On Font Weight

On Font Weight 1. Example: Lucida Basic font weights.  Lucida Basic font weight names combine traditional weight names with CSS font-weight numbers.

AWS Basics for Beginners – Full Course

This course will teach you AWS basics right through to advanced cloud computing concepts. Ideal for beginners – absolutely no cloud computing experience is required!

There are lots of hands-on exercises using an AWS free tier account to give you practical experience with Amazon Web Services.


What’s new in Microsoft .NET 6

Microsoft has published the second preview of .NET 6, the next generation of the company’s software development platform that will finish the parts of the .NET unification begun in .NET 5. Preview 2 features API and library improvements, runtime performance boosts, and early builds of .

Hotfixes to the Stable Channel

In general, our philosophy is to update the stable channel on a quarterly basis with feature updates. In the intervening period, occasionally we may decide a bug or regression warrants a hotfix.

flutter_slidable (Package of the Week)

Flutter_slideable is a package that provides a slidable widget that lets your users swipe to reveal actions without a lot of hassle. Learn how to use this package and define your actions.

Learn more about flutter_slidable → http://goo.gle/3dpqjNx

This video is also subtitled in Chinese, Indonesi

Hero Jet Pack – How to make phone apps and games using Flutter and Flame.

This series is made to explain how to build cross platform phone games and apps using Flutter and Flame (for both Android and iOS).

Even if you are not a software engineer you can still use this series as a starting point for your programming carrier.

You can play this game on Android: https://pl

Let’s Learn .NET – Web API

Jumpstart your experience building Web APIs with .NET! Come learn about what Web APIs are, why you need them, and how to build them with C# and ASP.NET Core. This fun, beginner’s series will teach you all about the fundamentals of everyday technologies and how you can master them using C# and .NET.

Exploring ASP.NET Web API (.NET 5)

.NET 5 is finally out 🎉🥳 and it comes with lots of interesting new features that make software development easier, faster and better. In this article, we will focus on ASP.NET Web API. Developing RESTful API using .NET has really improved over the years from ASP.NET MVC to ASP.

Generating a model from an existing database

If you have an existing database, you can use Entity Framework Core commands to speed up development by reverse-engineering the files for the model from the database schema. The following example illustrates how to do this from a SQL Server database in a new console application using the CLI tools.

Announcing Flutter 2

Our goal is to fundamentally shift how developers think about building apps, starting not with the platform you’re targeting but rather with the experience you want to create. Flutter allows you to handcraft beautiful experiences where your brand and design comes to the forefront.

Project Islandwood: Objective-C for Windows?

Project Islandwood is now open source (MIT license), with all the code residing at github. This project includes and Objective-C compiler (sadly no Swift for us Objective-C haters), Objective-C runtime, iOS headers (this is the "bridge" bit that translates iOS calls...

Publish your own apps to Azure RemoteApp

A small collection of useful bookmarks on how to publish your own apps to Azure RemoteApp (or your own Windows Server 2012 R2). How To Publish an Internal Windows App on Azure Remote App (creating VHD in your PC and uploading it later to azure) Same as above, but...

Free online ebook: iOS 8 App Development Essentials

The index: Start Here For New iOS Developers For iOS 7 Developers Source Code Download Joining the Apple iOS 8 Developer Program Registered Apple Developer Downloading Xcode 6 and the iOS 8 SDK iOS Developer Program When to Enroll in the iOS Developer Program?...

Android: detecting the current caller

@Override public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) { TelephonyManager telephony = (TelephonyManager) context.getSystemService(Context.TELEPHONY_SERVICE); PhoneCallStateListener customPhoneListener = new PhoneCallStateListener(context);...

AngularJs + Bootstrap, single page app resources

Some bookmarks on how to develop single page applications using AngularJs and Bootstrap This is not a tutorial and/or  step-by-step instructions on how to create this specific kind of App: these are just bookmarks i use and decided to share:...

Android Development, Best Practices

Compiled by Futurice, here is the summary of what they have compiled so far: Use Gradle and its recommended project structure Put passwords and sensitive data in gradle.properties Don't write your own HTTP client, use Volley or Retrofit libraries Use the Jackson...

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