Milliseconds matter, tips on web loading times optimization

Fluidui’s Dave Kearney writes about how site loading times are important and how to optimize your own. So, milliseconds matter?

  • Google compared loading fewer results on a page in 0.4 seconds to more results in 0.9 seconds. Traffic and ad revenue decreased by 20%.
  • Yahoo found that between 5% and 9% of its users would abandon a page if it took 400ms longer to load.
  • Microsoft Bing reported a 4.3% drop in revenue when their tests delayed the delivery of a search results page by 2 seconds.
  • Mozilla got 60 million more Firefox downloads per year by making their pages 2.2 seconds faster.

So there is no question – improvements in speed not only have a significant effect on the level of your user’s engagement, but any slowdown has a direct and measurable impact on your company’s bottom line.

“Modern mobile and desktop users expect their sites to load and run like lightning. Therefore, a good UI or UX designer needs to have a complete understanding of the range of options available to improve the speed of your site and consequently the enjoyment your users get out of using it.”

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