Latest 0.3.3
License MIT
Platforms ios 7.0, requires ARC
Dependencies AFNetworking, JCNotificationBannerPresenter
Frameworks UIKit, CoreGraphics

Inapphelp is a library to provide in-app support for your app’s users. Your app’s users can easily raise requests or report issues from within your app.

With inapphelp, you can:

  • Let users report issues within your app, along with device & app information
  • Provide self-support by showing FAQ articles
  • Customise your Inapphelp screen to blend with your app theme

Library based on, with some improvments (like push notifications and user interaction logs)

Getting started with

Use Cocoa Pods to install Inapphelp and its dependencies. Inapphelp dependencies include AFNetworking 2.0 and JCNotificationBannerPresenter 1.1.2

pod 'Inapphelp'

Inapphelp requires Xcode 5.0 targeting iOS 7 and above.

Configuring Inapphelp



MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

Latest podspec

    "name": "Inapphelp",
    "version": "0.3.3",
    "summary": "In-app customer support framework",
    "description": "In-app customer support framework for help desk. See for more details",
    "homepage": "",
    "social_media_url": "",
    "license": "MIT",
    "authors": {
        "Apps-m": "[email protected]"
    "platforms": {
        "ios": "7.0"
    "source": {
        "git": "",
        "tag": "0.3.3",
        "submodules": true
    "source_files": "Classes/*/*.{h,m}",
    "resources": [
    "dependencies": {
        "AFNetworking": [
            "~> 2.0"
        "JCNotificationBannerPresenter": [
            "~> 1.1.2"
    "frameworks": [
    "requires_arc": true

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