Latest 1
License MIT
Platforms ios 7.0
Dependencies IAPManager

A small subclass for IAPManager that makes it easy to use with automated testing. Anywhere you would use IAPManager, use IAPAdapter instead.


1.) Get an instance

[IAPAdapter instance]

2.) Add purchases for unit testing

[[IAPAdapter instance] addPurchase:@"productId"]

[[IAPAdapter instance] hasPurchased:@"productId"] // true

3.) Running in the simulator
Whenever you try to purchase in the simulator, IAPAdapter will immediately succeed and call your success callback.

Latest podspec

    "name": "IAPAdapter",
    "version": "1",
    "license": "MIT",
    "summary": "A wrapper for IAPManager that makes in app purchases testable and works in the simulator.",
    "authors": {
        "Stefan Kendall": "[email protected]"
    "homepage": "",
    "source": {
        "git": "",
        "tag": "1"
    "source_files": "IAPAdapter",
    "platforms": {
        "ios": "7.0"
    "dependencies": {
        "IAPManager": [
            "~> 0.2.2"
    "requires_arc": false

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