Latest 0.0.1
License MIT
Platforms ios 6.0, requires ARC
Frameworks Foundation, UIKit

What It Does

DECategories is a collection of useful categories for the modern iOS developer. These categories make the creation process easier and faster by providing a multitude of conveniences. They are also divided into cocoapods subspecs for individual use.

How It Works

Below is a list of included categories and what they provide. UIView, UINib, and UIViewController instantiation have particularly useful conveniences.


Subspec: DECategories/NSData+DEImageMimeType

Problem: You have an image but aren’t sure if it’s a png or gif.

Solution: Just use -imageDataMimeType on the image’s NSData representation and get a mime type string (e.g. @"image/png").


Subspec: DECategories/NSMutableArray+DEWeakReferences

Problem: You want to store an array of objects but don’t want to retain them (e.g. a list of prioritized delegates).

Solution: Use +mutableArrayUsingWeakReferences and stash away!


Subspec: DECategories/NSMutableDictionary+DENonNil

Problem: You are populating a dictionary, but some of the objects are optional and you’re tired of safety checking to make sure that each one is non-nil before adding them.

Solution: Use -setObjectIfNonNil:forKey:, and your object will only be added if it is non-nil.


Subspec: DECategories/NSMutableSet+DEWeakReferences

Problem: You want to store a set of objects but don’t want to retain them (e.g. an unordered list of delegates).

Solution: Use +mutableSetUsingWeakReferences and stash away!


Subspec: DECategories/NSNotification+DEConveniences

Problem: Your app only ever uses the default notification center [NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] and you are so very tired of always having to reference it. You also tire of having to manually package NSNotification objects whenever you want to send data.

Solution: Just use +postNotificationWithName:, +postNotificationWithName:object:, and +postNotificationWithName:object:userInfo:, which will automatically package an NSNotification for you and send it out to the default notification center.


Subspec: DECategories/NSString+DERelativePaths

Problem: You have an absolute file path, but you only want the file’s path relative to some directory. (E.g. your app utilizes user-provided files and folders and you want to store certain paths, but an app update may change where those files are stored and break the absolute paths you saved.)

Solution: Use -stringWithPathRelativeTo: and get the relative path.


Subspec: DECategories/UIButton+DEBackgroundColor

Problem: You want the background color of your UIButton to change as the control state changes.

Solution: Use -setBackgroundColor:forState:.


Subspec: DECategories/UIColor+DEConveniences

Problem: You want to create a UIColor from a hex string, or you want to make a UIColor without all the verbosity.

Solution: For creating a hex string, use colorWithHexString:, or you can use the convenience function UIColorFromHexString(NSString).

All convenience functions:

  • UIColorFromValues(float, float, float),
  • UIColorFromValuesWithAlpha(float, float, float, float),
  • UIColorFromIntValues(int, int, int) (0-255),
  • UIColorFromIntValuesWithAlpha(int, int, int, int) (0-255), and
  • UIColorFromHexString(NSString).


Subspec: DECategories/UIGestureRecognizer+DECancel

Problem: You want to be able to manually cancel a UIGestureRecognizer.

Solution: Use -cancel.


Subspec: DECategories/UIImage+DEColorRect

Problem: You want to create a UIImage that’s filled with a certain color.

Solution: Use +imageWithColor:ofSize:.


Subspec: DECategories/UIImage+DEResize

Problem: You want to resize a UIImage, perhaps to save on memory if the image is too large.

Solution: Use +imageWithImage:scaledToSize:, or -resizedImageScaledToSize:.


Subspec: DECategories/UIImage+DETintColor

Problem: You want to add a tint to a UIImage.

Solution: Use -imageTintedWithColor:fraction:.


Subspec: DECategories/UINib+DEConveniences

Problem: You want to inflate an object from a nib file without all the hassle.

Solution: Use +firstObjectWithNibName:, which will automatically create a UINib object and send the first item in that nib back to you.


Subspec: DECategories/UITableView+DEHideEmptyCells

Problem: You have a table view with short cell contents, and you don’t much care for the empty cells and lines that are drawn underneath your cells.

Solution: Use -applyHideEmptyCellsStyle.


Subspec: DECategories/UIView+DEConveniences

Problem: You want to directly get and set x, y, width, and height values without going through the frame. Or, you want to inflate a UIView from a nib file and wish it was just a little easier.

Solution: x, y, width, and height properties are provided. To quickly instantiate from a nib file, use +viewFromNib (just make sure that your nib file matches the class name).


Subspec: DECategories/UIView+DEFirstResponder

Problem: You don’t know who the first responder is, but you sure would like to find out.

Solution: Use -findFirstResponder. (If you want to resign the first responder and don’t care who it is, you can just use the built-in -endEditing: on your main UIView container).


Subspec: DECategories/UIViewController+DEConveniences

Problem: You wish there was a factory method for easily constructing UIViewController instances.

Solution: There is! You can simply use +controller, and it will automatically attempt to load a nib file with your class’s string representation. If a nib file is not found, it will programmatically instantiate your controller.

Latest podspec

    "name": "DECategories",
    "version": "0.0.1",
    "homepage": "",
    "authors": {
        "Dream Engine Interactive, Inc.": "[email protected]"
    "social_media_url": "",
    "summary": "A collection of useful categories for the modern iOS developer.",
    "description": "DECategories is a collection of Foundation and UIKit categories that simplify some of the monotonous code patterns in iOS development. It also provides various bells and whistles to streamline small tasks.",
    "platforms": {
        "ios": "6.0"
    "requires_arc": true,
    "frameworks": [
    "source": {
        "git": "",
        "tag": "0.0.1"
    "license": {
        "type": "MIT",
        "file": "LICENSE"
    "subspecs": [
            "name": "NSData+DEImageMimeType",
            "source_files": "src/NSData+DEImageMimeType.{h,m}"
            "name": "NSMutableArray+DEWeakReferences",
            "source_files": "src/NSMutableArray+DEWeakReferences.{h,m}"
            "name": "NSMutableDictionary+DENonNil",
            "source_files": "src/NSMutableDictionary+DENonNil.{h,m}"
            "name": "NSMutableSet+DEWeakReferences",
            "source_files": "src/NSMutableSet+DEWeakReferences.{h,m}"
            "name": "NSNotification+DEConveniences",
            "source_files": "src/NSNotification+DEConveniences.{h,m}"
            "name": "NSString+DERelativePaths",
            "source_files": "src/NSString+DERelativePaths.{h,m}"
            "name": "UIButton+DEBackgroundColor",
            "source_files": "src/UIButton+DEBackgroundColor.{h,m}",
            "dependencies": {
                "DECategories/UIImage+DEColorRect": []
            "name": "UIColor+DEConveniences",
            "source_files": "src/UIColor+DEConveniences.{h,m}"
            "name": "UIGestureRecognizer+DECancel",
            "source_files": "src/UIGestureRecognizer+DECancel.{h,m}"
            "name": "UIImage+DEColorRect",
            "source_files": "src/UIImage+DEColorRect.{h,m}",
            "frameworks": [
            "name": "UIImage+DEResize",
            "source_files": "src/UIImage+DEResize.{h,m}"
            "name": "UIImage+DETintColor",
            "source_files": "src/UIImage+DETintColor.{h,m}"
            "name": "UINib+DEConveniences",
            "source_files": "src/UINib+DEConveniences.{h,m}"
            "name": "UITableView+DEHideEmptyCells",
            "source_files": "src/UITableView+DEHideEmptyCells.{h,m}"
            "name": "UIView+DEConveniences",
            "source_files": "src/UIView+DEConveniences.{h,m}",
            "dependencies": {
                "DECategories/UINib+DEConveniences": []
            "name": "UIView+DEFirstResponder",
            "source_files": "src/UIView+DEFirstResponder.{h,m}"
            "name": "UIViewController+DEConveniences",
            "source_files": "src/UIViewController+DEConveniences.{h,m}"

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