Latest 1.0.3
License Worldpay
Platforms ios 7.0

Worldpay Client Side Encryption (CSE) iOS SDK

Worldpay CSE iOS SDK is a library created to help you integrate Worldpay client side encryption into your mobile applications. For more detailed documentation please follow this link.

Latest podspec

    "name": "WorldpayCSE",
    "version": "1.0.3",
    "summary": "Worldpay Client Side Encryption library",
    "license": {
        "type": "Worldpay",
        "file": "LICENSE"
    "authors": "Worldpay",
    "homepage": "",
    "description": "Worldpay Client Side encryption library for easy integration with your existing and new applications.",
    "documentation_url": "",
    "default_subspecs": "Core",
    "source": {
        "git": "",
        "tag": "1.0.3"
    "platforms": {
        "ios": "7.0"
    "preserve_paths": "WorldPayCSE/Thirdparty/OpenSSL/openssl.framework",
    "subspecs": [
            "name": "Core",
            "dependencies": {
                "WorldpayCSE/OpenSSL": []
            "source_files": "WorldPayCSE/WorldPayCSE/**/*.{h,m}",
            "public_header_files": [
            "name": "OpenSSL",
            "vendored_frameworks": "WorldPayCSE/Thirdparty/OpenSSL/openssl.framework"

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