Latest 0.0.2
License MIT
Platforms ios 8.0

Swift extensions


Useful swift extensions for different classes. Main reason of this repo is that I require it in most of my projects and I decided to share with other developers.

Info: Extentions collection is updating. Please send me messages if you want to add some useful functionality to this repository.


Right now the only way to install this repo is to copy it to your project.

Foundation framework


func isTheSameDay(date: NSDate) -> Bool

Used to check if given date is the same date as NSDate.

var dateBefore = NSDate(timeIntervalSinceNow: -3600 * 24 - 10)
var dateAfter = NSDate(timeIntervalSinceNow: 3600 * 24 + 10)

NSDate().isTheSameDay(NSDate()) // is true
dateBefore.isTheSameDay(NSDate()) // is false
dateAfter.isTheSameDay(NSDate()) // is false

class func hourlyTimingString(timeInterval: NSTimeInterval?) -> String

Used to generate time readable string intervals. I.e. 23:12:24 for time intervals more than 1 hour or 23:12 for intervals less than one hour.

NSDate.hourlyTimingString(12) // will return '00:12'
NSDate.hourlyTimingString(3600 - 1) // will return '59:59'
NSDate.hourlyTimingString(3600 + 1) // will return '1:00:01'
NSDate.hourlyTimingString(3600 * 67 + 1) // will return '67:00:01'

class func readableTimeInterval(date: NSDate) -> String

Used to generate readable time interval string. I.e. ‘3 minutes ago’ or ‘2 days ago’.

NSDate.hourlyTimingString(NSDate(timeIntervalSinceNow:3600 - 1)) // 59 minutes ago
NSDate.readableTimeInterval(NSDate(timeIntervalSinceNow:-3600 - 10)) //  1 hour ago
NSDate.readableTimeInterval(NSDate(timeIntervalSinceNow:-3600 * 24 * 5 - 10)) // 5 days ago
NSDate.readableTimeInterval(NSDate(timeIntervalSinceNow:-3600 * 24 * 31 * 5 - 10)) // 5 months ago

class func readableDate(date: NSDate) -> String

Used to get human readable dates for past days. For date less than 24 hours will return exact hour:minute.
For date less than 1 week will return day of week. And finaly for all other dates will return
date in en_US_POSIX format


func delay(delay: Double, closure:()->())
Will execure a closure after delay. Closure will be invoked in main thread

NSDate.delay(5, closure: {
    println("After 5 seconds")


class func isEmailValid(email: String) -> Bool

Returns true if email is valid. This validation is checking string for matching regexp only.
It will not check domain extensions. It’s not guarantee you that it’s a real email address also.

NSString.isEmailValid("not [email protected]") // false
NSString.isEmailValid("[email protected]") // false
NSString.isEmailValid("[email protected]") // false

NSString.isEmailValid("[email protected]") // true
NSString.isEmailValid("[email protected]") // true


func fileSizeAtPath(path: String) -> Int

Will return size of a file in given path. If file does not exists will return 0.

UIKit framework


class func colorWithHex(hex: String) -> UIColor

This will create UIColor from a hex string. It will work correctly if hex string will contain # prefix or not.
It will return UIColor.clearColor() if string could not be converted to UIColor (i.e. when color string is less than 6 symbols length) In a returned UIColor alpha component always will be 1



var width: CGFloat // Returns frames width
var height: CGFloat // Returns frames height
var x: CGFloat // Returns frames origin x
var y: CGFloat // Returns frames origin y
var centerX: CGFloat // Returns frames center x
var centerY: CGFloat // Returns frames center y
func setWidth(width: CGFloat) // Update frames width
func setHeight(height: CGFloat) // Returns frames height
func setX(x: CGFloat) // Updates frames origin x position
func setY(y: CGFloat) // Updates frames origin y position
func setCenterX(x: CGFloat) // Updates frames center x position
func setCenterY(y: CGFloat)  // Updates frames center y position



mutating func removeObject(object: U)

Will remove object from an array. If there are more than one the same object in array it will remove it also.

func contains(object: T) -> Bool

Will return true if array contains object. Object should conform Equatable protocol.


func length() -> Int // Returns length of a string
func trim() -> String // Returns trimmed string
func substring(location: Int, length: Int) -> String! // Returns substring  with `length` of a string from `location`
func location(substring: String) -> Int // Returns substring location or NSNotFound
func contains(substring: String) -> Bool // Returns `true` if string contains substring
func isNumeric() -> Bool // Returns `true` if string is numeric

subscript(index: Int) -> String!

Returns character at index. I.e:

"abc"[1] == "b"
"abs"[-1] == "s"


var isEven: Bool // Returns true if number is even
var isOdd: Bool // Returns true if number is odd
var isPositive: Bool // Returns true if number is positive
var isNegative: Bool // Returns true if number is negative
var isZero: Bool // Returns true if number is zero
var isPOZ: Bool // Returns true if number is positive or zero
func double() -> Double // Casts to double
func float() -> Float // Casts to float

func times(closure: () -> ())

This method will repeat closure n times. Possible way of usage:

12.times { 
    println("Hello worlds") 

Latest podspec

    "name": "SwiftExtensions",
    "version": "0.0.2",
    "summary": "Useful swift extensions collection",
    "description": "                   List of swift extensions for every day usage.n",
    "homepage": "",
    "license": "MIT",
    "authors": {
        "Anatoliy Voropay": "[email protected]"
    "platforms": {
        "ios": "8.0"
    "source": {
        "git": "",
        "tag": "v0.0.2"
    "source_files": "Extensions/**/*"

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