Latest 0.1
License MIT
Platforms ios 8.0
Frameworks UIKit

ReusableNestingScrollview is a component to solve the problem of SubView global reuse and recovery in rolling views. Unlike traditional similar solutions, RNSdoes not need to inherit a special ScrollView, only by extending the Delegate, so that the rolling views such as WKWebView, UIWebView, and so on are more widely supported, more general and independent.

Together with WKWebViewExtension, components serve HybridPageKit, which is a general sulotion of news App content page.


  1. It doesn’t need inheritance, and applies to all rolling views such as WebView

    • Unlike the traditional component implementation, it does not have to inherit a special ScrollView, but by the way of delegate dispatch, so that the function of the sub View scrolling reuse can be applied to any rolling view.
    • Support all rolling views (UIScrollview, WKWebView, UIWebView and so on).
    • Simple to use, complete the basic logic of ScrollView delegate by using only 10+ lines of key function code.
  2. Better view`s state management, flexible handling of business logic.

    • Custom WorkRange areas which make the subview to three states, handing business logic more flexibly.
    • Recovery pool: The subview clear all state and gets into the global recovery pool.
    • Preparation area: The subview is in the preparation area, which is used for lazy loading, data prefetching and other business.
    • Display area: The subview displays in the screen, which is used for rendering and display.
  3. Data-driven, view only plays the role of rendering.

    • View does not save data information, does not save frame information, but only plays the role of rendering.
    • Model implements protocol and participates in all logic, computation of recovery and reuse.
  4. Global reuse and Robustness.
    • The recovery pool supports the same type of View to reuse, include current page and cross page.
      • Automatically recycle the View that loses the superView to prevent memory leakage.
      • Thread safe, and custom count of recovery views.




  1. 无需继承,适用于WebView等全部滚动视图

    • 区别传统组件的实现方式,无需继承特殊ScrollView,通过代理分发的方式,使子View滚动复用回收的功能能应用到任何滚动视图中
    • 支持全部滚动视图(UIScrollview、WKWebView、UIWebView等等)
    • 使用简单,10+行 关键函数代码即可完成ScrollView代理基本逻辑
    • 使用场景举例:WebView展示简单内容,复杂业务逻辑使用NativeView,实现Hybrid的内容页面,并且支持Native滚动复用回收。
  2. 更加完善的区域和状态,灵活处理业务逻辑.

    • 自定义增加WorkRange区域。子View增加到三种状态,更加灵活的处理业务逻辑
    • 回收池 : 子View清除状态,进入全局回收池
    • 准备区 : 子View进入准备区,用于懒加载,数据预拉取等逻辑
    • 展示区 : 子View在屏幕中展示,用于渲染展示等逻辑
    • 使用场景举例:一张Gif图片,进入准备区执行数据拉取,不播放,进入展示区进行播放,离开展示区进入准备区不立即回收但停止播放。
  3. 数据驱动,View无状态只负责渲染展示

    • view不保存数据信息,不保存frame信息,只负责渲染
    • model实现protocol,参与全部的逻辑、复用回收计算等
  4. 全局跨View复用及容错保护

    • 全局View回收池,支持同类型View 当前页面、跨页面复用回收
    • 自动回收失去父页面的View,防止内存泄露
    • 回收池线程安全,自定义回收view阈值等



  1. 扩展view相关联数据Model实现protocol
@interface TestModel : NSObject <RNSModelProtocol>

-(NSString *)getUniqueId{
    return _uniqueId;
    _componentFrame = frame;
    return _componentFrame;
    return _componentViewClass;
-(__kindof RNSComponentContext *)getCustomContext{
    return nil;
  1. 扩展ScrollView delegate
_handler = [[RNSHandler alloc]initWithScrollView:scrollView
                        componentViewStateChangeBlock:^(RNSComponentViewState state, 
                        NSObject<RNSModelProtocol> *componentItem, __kindof UIView *componentView) {

    // 复用回收View状态变化处理
    // 进入准备区 & 进入展示 & 离开展示 & 离开准备区
  1. 增加、修改数据时reload
[_handler reloadComponentViewsWithProcessBlock:^(NSMutableDictionary<NSString *,NSObject<RNSModelProtocol> *> *componentItemDic) {        


Latest podspec

    "name": "ReusableNestingScrollview",
    "version": "0.1",
    "summary": "An scrollView handler for UIScrollView & WKWebView and other scrollViews. Providing scrollview`s subViews reusable.",
    "homepage": "",
    "license": "MIT",
    "authors": "dequanzhu",
    "platforms": {
        "ios": "8.0"
    "source": {
        "git": "",
        "tag": "0.1"
    "source_files": [
    "frameworks": "UIKit"

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