Latest 1.0.9
License MIT
Platforms ios 9.3

iPlayer is simply wraps AVPlayer and has all the implementation required to play a video file just by passing an URL.


  • iOS 9.3+
  • Cocoapod 1.5.3



Cocoapods is the dependency manager for Cocoa project. You can install it by following command

$ gem install cocoapods

To integrate iPlayer in your Xcode project, specify it in your Podfile

source ''
platform :ios, '10.0'

target '<Your Target Name>' do
    pod 'iPlayer', '~> 1.0'


After the installation, you need to import the iPlayer framework in your ViewController file.

import iPlayer

Method 1

Create an object for the IPlayerView class and add it as subview in your root view.

let iPlayerView = IPlayerView()
<Your Root View>.addSubView(iPlayerView)

Method 2

Also, you can directly add a UIView to your storyboard and set it’s class as IPlayerView.

Your’re almost done!

To start playing the video, pass the video url to the IPlayerView object.

iPlayerView.loadVideo(with: "<Your Video URL>")

Since this is just going to be a subview in your ViewController, the controls in the IPlayerView has to be properly aligned when the device orientation changes. To handle that, instruct the IPlayerView to update it’s constraints whenever your ViewController’s orientation changes. To do that, add the following code.

iPlayerView.updateForOrientation(orientation: UIDevice.current.orientation)

Handling IPlayerView Events

To get notified with the events happening in the IPlayerView, extend your ViewController to IPlayerViewDelegate. Set your view as the delegate for IPlayerView.

iPlayerView.delegate = self

Following are the methods for which you will be delegated.

func playerViewUpdatesControlsVisibility(shouldShow: Bool)

func playerViewDidFinishPlaying()

func iPlayerView(iPlayerView: IPlayerView, failedWith error: IPlayerError)

Sometimes, IPlayerView might request the parent to hide / show the controls with respect to the current video state. Like when the video is being played, the IPlayerView might ask the parent to hide the navigation bar and other controls to be hidden.

To do that, you will be delegated with the methodfunc playerViewUpdatesControlsVisibility(shouldShow: Bool) where you can perform the required show / hide operations.

Latest podspec

    "name": "iPlayer",
    "version": "1.0.9",
    "summary": "Fully customisable AVPlayer Library",
    "description": "A fully customisable AVPlayer Library. Just load the player in your UI by passing a video url. Its that simple!",
    "homepage": "",
    "license": "MIT",
    "authors": {
        "Pushparaj Jayaseelan": "pushparaj.jayaseelan"
    "social_media_url": "",
    "platforms": {
        "ios": "9.3"
    "source": {
        "git": "",
        "tag": "1.0.9"
    "source_files": "iPlayer",
    "resource_bundles": {
        "iPlayerView": [
    "swift_version": "4.1.2"

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