Latest 0.1.0
License MIT
Platforms ios 10.0
Dependencies ExType

CoreGraphics extra library. Add some features to make programming suitable.


  • Use source code, download source and drag into your project.

  • Use cocoapods, write a line into your Podfile.
    pod 'ExDraw'


  • Functions

Create a CGRect structure

ex_rect(_ x:CGFloat, _ y:CGFloat, _ w:CGFloat, _ h:CGFloat) -> CGRect

Create a CGPoint structure

ex_point(_ x:CGFloat, _ y:CGFloat) -> CGPoint

Create a CGSize structure

ex_size(_ w:CGFloat, _ h:CGFloat) -> CGSize

Get center point of two points

ex_center(point1:CGPoint, point2:CGPoint) -> CGPoint

Get length of two points

ex_length(point1: CGPoint, point2: CGPoint) -> CGFloat

Get angle of line linked by two points

ex_angle(point1: CGPoint, point2: CGPoint) -> CGFloat

  • Extensions – CGRect

Use center point and size to create a CGRect structure

init(center p:CGPoint, size:CGSize)

Use corner point and size to create a CGRect structure

init(leftTop p:CGPoint, size:CGSize)

init(rightTop p:CGPoint, size:CGSize)

init(leftBottom p:CGPoint, size:CGSize)

init(rightBottom p:CGPoint, size:CGSize)

Use two points to create a CGRect structure

init(point1:CGPoint, point2:CGPoint)


  • Extensions – CGRect

Parts of proporty

left:CGFloat — Get/Set

right:CGFloat — Get/Set

top:CGFloat — Get/Set

bottom:CGFloat — Get/Set

shortBorderLength:CGFloat — Get

longBorderLength:CGFloat — Get

hypotenuseLength:CGFloat — Get

Points of rect

center:CGPoint — Get/Set

leftTop:CGPoint — Get/Set

rightTop:CGPoint — Get/Set

leftBottom:CGPoint — Get/Set

rightBottom:CGPoint — Get/Set

topCenter:CGPoint — Get/Set

bottomCenter:CGPoint — Get/Set

leftCenter:CGPoint — Get/Set

rightCenter:CGPoint — Get/Set


  • Extensions – CGRect

Make a offseet moving or get moved rect

mutating func move(offset:(CGFloat, CGFloat))

func moved(offset:(CGFloat, CGFloat)) -> CGRect

Clip a rect with edge insets. Use number less than zero in edgeinsets to exclusion the rect.

mutating func clip(edge:UIEdgeInsets)

func cliped(edge:UIEdgeInsets) -> CGRect

Scale a rect or get scaled rect, there are two ways in parameters, about fixed size clip or rate size clip.

mutating func scale(size:(CGFloat, CGFloat))

mutating func scale(rate:(CGFloat, CGFloat))

func scaled(size:(CGFloat, CGFloat)) -> CGRect

func scaled(rate:(CGFloat, CGFloat)) -> CGRect

Get relation rect inner or outter.

var innerSqure : CGRect

var outterSqure : CGRect

var innerCycle : CGRect

var outterCycle : CGRect

Devide a rect into two rects. fixed or rate deviding. First item in result is the rect which neared edge, and the second far away from edge.

func devided(from edge:CGRectEdge, fix:CGFloat) -> (CGRect, CGRect)

func devided(from edge:CGRectEdge, rate:CGFloat) -> (CGRect, CGRect)

Resize rect or get a resized rect.

mutating func resize(fixCorner:RectCorner, size:CGSize)

func resized(fixCorner:RectCorner, size:CGSize) -> CGRect


  • Extensions – CGRect

A structure to description about relationship between height and width.


A number to mark about height devide to width.


Add extra number to plus the result of height multiply heightDWidth


Get width of height.

func widthOf(height: CGFloat) -> CGFloat

Get height of width.

func heightOf(width: CGFloat) -> CGFloat

Build fixed grids’ rect in a rect

func buildGrids(rowCount: Int, itemsInRow: Int, edge: UIEdgeInsets =, hSpace: CGFloat = 0, vSpace: CGFloat = 0) -> [CGRect]

Build flow grids’ rect in a rect

func buildHFlowGrids(rowCount: Int, hwRate: HeightWidthRate, itemsCount: Int, edge: UIEdgeInsets =, hSpace: CGFloat = 0, vSpace: CGFloat = 0) -> [CGRect]

func buildVFlowGrids(itemsInRow: Int, hwRate: HeightWidthRate, itemsCount: Int, edge: UIEdgeInsets =, hSpace: CGFloat = 0, vSpace: CGFloat = 0) -> [CGRect]

Get a flow grid’s rect in a rect

itemAtHFlowGrids(rowCount: Int, hwRate: HeightWidthRate, item: Int, edge: UIEdgeInsets =, hSpace: CGFloat = 0, vSpace: CGFloat = 0) -> CGRect

itemAtVFlowGrids(itemsInRow: Int, hwRate: HeightWidthRate, item: Int, edge: UIEdgeInsets =, hSpace: CGFloat = 0, vSpace: CGFloat = 0) -> CGRect


  • Enum — ExDirection

Get a direction arrow in a squre.

Four border in squre.





Four corner in squre.





Get opsite direction of current direction.

opsite: ExDirection

Get pixel point of marked by direction in rectangle.

func point(of rect: CGRect) -> CGPoint


  • Extension — CGGradient

Get a gradient of two colors

static func dual(_ color0: UIColor, _ color1: UIColor) -> CGGradient?

Get a gradient of many colors ( more than or equal to two )

static func multi(colorList: [UIColor]) -> CGGradient?

Fill gradient in path, setup linear direction or nil for cycle mode.

func fill(inPath path: UIBezierPath, direction: ExDirection = .toBottom)

Get an image object of gradient, setup linear direction or nil for cycle mode.

func image(size: CGSize, direction: ExDirection? = .toRight) -> UIImage


  • Extension — CGContext

Get current context

static var current: CGContext?

Flip origin of context canvas

func flipV(height: CGFloat)


  • Extension — String

Compute size of string

func size(attribute: ExAttributes) -> CGSize

func size(font: UIFont) -> CGSize

func size(fitSize: CGSize, attribute: ExAttributes) -> CGSize

func size(fitSize: CGSize, font: UIFont, wordwarp: NSLineBreakMode, kern: CGFloat? = nil) -> CGSize

Generate an image of text

func image(canvasSize: CGSize, textFrame: CGRect, attribute: ExAttributes) -> UIImage


  • Class — ExAttributes

Type of line width of strike throgh or underline

enum LineWidth: Int {
case none = 0x00
case single = 0x01
case thick = 0x02
case double = 0x09

Type of line style of strike throgh or underline

enum LineStyle: Int {
case solid = 0x000
case dot = 0x0100
case dash = 0x0200
case dashDot = 0x0300
case dashDotDot = 0x0400

Properties of string attributes

var font:UIFont?

var textColor:UIColor?

var backColor:UIColor?

var ligature:Bool?

var kern:CGFloat?

var strikethrough:(LineWidth, LineStyle, UIColor)?

var underline:(LineWidth, LineStyle, UIColor)?

var textStroke:(CGFloat, UIColor)?

var shadow:NSShadow?

var attachment:NSTextAttachment?

var baseline:CGFloat?

var expansion:CGFloat?

var link:URL?

var obliqueness:CGFloat?

var vertical:Bool?

var alignment:NSTextAlignment?

var firstLineHeadIndent:CGFloat?

var headIndent:CGFloat?

var tailIndent:CGFloat?

var lineBreakMode:NSLineBreakMode?

var maximumLineHeight:CGFloat?

var minimumLineHeight:CGFloat?

var lineSpacing:CGFloat?

var paragraphSpacing:CGFloat?

var paragraphSpacingBefore:CGFloat?

var baseWritingDirection:NSWritingDirection?

var lineHeightMultiple:CGFloat?

var defaultTabInterval:CGFloat?

Default initial


Initial by image

init(image: UIImage, size: CGSize?)

Get dictionary of attributes

var dict: [NSAttributedString.Key: AnyObject]

Combine two attribute objects as one

func combine(_ attr: ExAttributes) -> ExAttributes

static func + (attr0: ExAttributes, attr1: ExAttributes) -> ExAttributes

static func += (attr0: inout ExAttributes, attr1: ExAttributes)

If there is an image attachment in attribute, get the one

var imageString : NSAttributedString?

  • Extension — NSAttributedString

Initial of string and attributes

init(text: String, attribute: ExAttributes)

init(text: String, font: UIFont, color: UIColor, backColor: UIColor? = nil)

Combine two attributed string as one

static func + (s0: NSAttributedString, s1: NSAttributedString) -> NSAttributedString

static func += (s0:inout NSAttributedString, s1:NSAttributedString)

  • Extension — UIImage

Get attributed string of this image

func attributeString(size: CGSize? = nil) -> NSAttributedString?

  • Extension — String

Get attributed string of this image

func attributeString(_ attribute: ExAttributes) -> NSAttributedString

  • Functions

Get attributed string of HTML string

func ex_html(text: String) -> NSAttributedString?

Get attributed string of rtf file

func ex_rtf(fileName: String) -> NSAttributedString?

Get attributed string of rtfd file

func ex_rtfd(filename: String) -> NSAttributedString?


  • Extension — CTFrame

Draw ctframe in context


Generate ctframe by string

static func create(byText text:NSAttributedString, point:CGPoint) -> CTFrame

  • Extension — CTFramesetter

Generate ctframe setter by string

static func create(byText text:NSAttributedString) -> CTFramesetter

Suggest frame size of ctframe setter

func suggestSize(_ range:NSRange, size:CGSize) -> (NSRange, CGSize)

Suggest pages of ctframe setter

func suggestPages(_ size:CGSize) -> [(NSRange, CGSize)]

Suggest frames of ctframe setter

func suggestFrames(_ size:CGSize) -> [CTFrame]

func suggestRangerAndFrames(_ size:CGSize) -> [(NSRange, CTFrame)]

Get frame in line of ctframe setter

func lineFrame(charCount:Int, rect:CGRect) -> CTFrame


  • Extension – CGPath

Generate path from text

static func from(text:String) -> CGPath

Convert path to text

var text:String




Latest podspec

    "name": "ExDraw",
    "version": "0.1.0",
    "summary": "CoreGraphics extra library.",
    "description": "CoreGraphics extra library. Add some features to make programming suitable.",
    "homepage": "",
    "license": "MIT",
    "authors": {
        "u738bu6e0au9e25": "[email protected]"
    "swift_version": "4.2",
    "platforms": {
        "ios": "10.0"
    "source": {
        "git": "",
        "tag": "0.1.0"
    "source_files": [
    "exclude_files": "Classes/Exclude",
    "dependencies": {
        "ExType": []

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