Latest 0.1.0
License MIT
Platforms ios 8.0
Frameworks UIKit

CI Status



  1. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

  2. import AdsForMyOtherApps

  3. AdsForMyOtherApps calls a view to overlay your current view by initializing class Advertisement(images: [UIImage], seconds: Int?, url: String, target: UIViewController).

    3a. One or more images will play like a slide show over the amount of seconds specified. Put images in the Images.xcassets folder, the image will autofill as you enter it into the UIImage array argument. 1x full screen images are 375×667.

    3b. Amount of seconds (optional) will not allow user to exit until countdown reaches zero and "x" appears.

    3c. If seconds argument is set to "nil", an "x" will appear immediately and there will be no countdown.

    3d. Target argument is the current ViewController.

For Example:

let adView = Advertisement(images: [#imageLiteral(resourceName: "RansomAd"),#imageLiteral(resourceName: "RansomAd2"),#imageLiteral(resourceName: "RansomAd3")], seconds: 10, url: "itms-apps://", target: self)



AdsForMyOtherApps is available through CocoaPods. To install
it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "AdsForMyOtherApps"


Halvorsen, “[email protected]
git config –global “halvorsen


AdsForMyOtherApps is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

Latest podspec

    "name": "AdsForMyOtherApps",
    "version": "0.1.0",
    "summary": "Advertisement views to generate traffic to your other iOS apps.",
    "description": "An alternative to Google Ads, this pod allows you to create advertisement views to generate traffic to your other iOS apps. Version 0.1.0 includes a full screen iPhone portrait advertisement that animates in from the side and covers the current view. An "X" appears in the top right corner for the user to exit this view, otherwise a tap anywhere on the screen will open URL. An optional countdown timer replaces the "X" for a specified time. Simply provide one or more images, for example your target app preview slides and enter the amount of time the ad will be shown.",
    "homepage": "",
    "screenshots": "",
    "license": {
        "type": "MIT",
        "file": "LICENSE"
    "authors": {
        "halvorsen": "[email protected] config --global  u201chalvorsen"
    "source": {
        "git": "",
        "tag": "0.1.0"
    "social_media_url": "",
    "platforms": {
        "ios": "8.0"
    "source_files": "AdsForMyOtherApps/Classes/**/*",
    "frameworks": "UIKit",
    "pushed_with_swift_version": "3.0"

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